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A Bit About Us

Boanerg LLC is a family-owned and operated company in Washington. since 2014 Boanerg LLC has been providing Design and build, Remodeling, and Restoration services to Washington DC and Maryland Residents."

Our Team

Our People

The key to any successful company is the staff who work there. At BOANERG LLC, our employees are constantly striving to offer the finest quality products and highest level of service to ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever you need they will take care of you - and all with a smile on their face.

Jose B. Rodriguez


Jose B. Rodriguez is a passionate Owner who goes above and beyond to get the job done right. With an entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary people skills, Jose B. Rodriguez never disappoints.

Josue N. Rodriguez

Office Manager

As the Office Manager of BOANERG LLC, Josue N. Rodriguez  is a shining star at our company, with a passion for getting things right on the first round. Customers love working with Josue N. Rodriguez, and we do too!

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